Nicola Harwood

Nicola Harwood

Nicola Harwood is an Anglo-Canadian writer and interdisciplinary artist. Recent work includes High Muck-a-Muck: Playing Chinese (2011-14), a ten artist/programmer collaboration that won the 2015 UK New Media Writing prize. Other projects include Temple of Our Madness (2017-2022), a series of interactive sound installations about women, animals, and girls.

Space, Object, Digital: an Assignment Swap

Main Loft, Harbourfront Centre Main Building

A roundtable for creative writing instructors who do “alternative” writing projects, such as videopoems, audio installation, Instagram stories, Twitter essays/fictions, concrete poetry, Twine stories, or using websites such as,, and on. All participants are invited to swap assignment descriptions, to enable colleagues to use or adapt these approaches/forms in their own teaching. All […]

Pedagogy / La pédagogie