Manjushree Thapa

Manjushree Thapa

Manjushree Thapa writes fiction and nonfiction, and translates Nepali literature into English. Her latest books are a novel, All of Us In Our Own Lives, forthcoming in Canada in September 2018, and her translation of Indra Bahadur Rai’s classic novel about post-Independence Darjeeling, There’s a Carnival Today (2017). Her essays and editorials have appeared in New York Times, London Review of Books, Newsweek, and The Globe and Mail.

Good Reasons for Translating and Publishing International Literature in Canada

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This panel will explore the context in which the translation and publication of international works of literature in Canada could enrich and largely transform Canadian literary culture. It will do so, by examining the history of literary translation in Canada and by providing possible solutions to the challenges posed by existing funding policies and structures. […]

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