Lesley Strutt

Lesley Strutt

A member of the League of Canadian Poets, Lesley Strutt is a Merrickville, Ontario poet, playwright, essayist and blogger. Her first full collection of poems, Window Ledge, will be published by Inanna in 2019.

Radical [Your Word Here] Roundtable

Market Tent A

Radical… Arcs. Betweenity. Borders. Reading. Smiles. Subjects. Each member of this multi-organizational (CCWWP, TWUC, LCP) roundtable will speak briefly on their radical writing concern, showing why we need to fundamentally and thoroughly change our understandings of what writing means in contemporary Canada. Remarks by panelists will be followed by an open discussion of what makes […]

Craft of Writing / L’art de l’écriture