Lara Hinchberger

Lara Hinchberger has 15 years of experience as an editor in the publishing industry. She was an acquiring editor of award-winning and best-selling works of literary and commercial fiction and narrative nonfiction, first at Doubleday Canada and then at McClelland & Stewart before taking the leap to the freelance life with the founding of Lara Hinchberger Editorial in 2014. She is currently Acquiring Editor at Penguin Canada.

First Page Challenge

Fleck Dance Theatre, Queen's Quay Terminal

A panel of judges shares their on-the-spot expertise in a high-energy environment. Participants submit the first page of a novel, short story, or creative nonfiction piece and these texts will be viewed anonymously on an overhead display. Panelists give their impressions of strengths and weaknesses as it is being read aloud. This is a risk-free […]

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