Emmanuel Hergott

Emmanuel Hergott

Emmanuel Hergott is a Certified Financial Planner currently working with RBC as an Investment and Retirement Planner. Emmanuel sees his current role as a personal wealth consultant, advising individuals and families on how to manage their savings when experiencing (or planning for) key life events. He is an avid runner, urban explorer, foodie, and fan of the arts, and is a proud patron of various arts organizations in Toronto, including TIFF, AGO, and TSO.

Money Management for Writers

Lakeside Terrace, Harbourfront Centre Main Building

It’s not easy to make it as an artist. There’s no job security, your wages fluctuate, and there are almost no regulations to protect you. The lag time between when you work and when you get paid can create a feast or famine situation, and you probably feel that worrying about your finances is taking up […]

Business of Writing / Le volet commercial de l’écriture