Listen, Describe, Produce, Collide: New Generative Approaches to the Poetry Workshop

Community Building / Le renforcement des collectivités Pedagogy / La pédagogie
Market Tent B

“Old Faithful,” a.k.a. the traditional workshop model, is the foundation for our creative writing pedagogy, but has it evolved to meet the needs of all participants? The four poet-teachers on this panel will share and demonstrate alternatives to the traditional workshop. Sarah Yi-Mei Tsang introduces new modes of listening; Sheryda Warrener emphasizes poetic attention; Ian Williams, extreme productivity; and Anne Simpson, collision and disruption. Together they ask, What modes can we borrow from our non-institutional practices to enhance the current entrenched institutional model? How might the space of a workshop be more inclusive, dynamic, challenging, productive? Moderated by Sheryda Warrener.